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In the "Assamese to English" menu, you will see two sub-menus: "Type in English" & "Type in Assamese". In the "Type in English" menu, please key-in phonetics of the Assamese word you are searching for. For ex: if you want to search for "অমৰা", type in "omora" or you can just type "o" and press search to see available options. To further know how to properly type an Assamese word in Roman transliteration, please click here.


In the "Type in Assamese" menu, you would need an Assamese keyboard installed on your device to key-in Assamese Unicode characters. Please note that the app in itself doesn't include any keyboard.


Clicking on the search bar icon or clicking on "Search" in any of the menus will search the offline database. However, clicking on "Search Online" in any of the menus will search the online database. In the online search results, you will be able to see synonyms of the searched word in all available North-East Indian languages.

(Note: Offline capabilities are not yet released in the Windows Phone version).


Please rate and review the app in the Play Store, App Store or Windows Phone Store along with the Facebook Page. For queries, please e-mail us.

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